Harty Hedgehog
and his
BuZZy Friends
Created by Michael Walter
The BuZZy Friends books, created in
inspirational verse by Michael Walter to amuse
his granddaughter Alice and her young friends,
provide advice, information and fun-filled
activity to stimulate young minds.

The BuZZy Friends are involved in normal
daily activities and adventures, to which children
can easily relate.

BuZZy Friends books help children learn about
a wide range of subjects and activities, and
contain valuable information - from ‘how
children learn to cook’ to ‘where babies come

The ‘Buzzy Code’ sets clear guidelines for
conduct in a way that children can easily relate
to and understand.
The BuZZy Friends Books

Here are the first four books in the BuZZy Friends
series. Many more are in the pipeline, so watch this page
for the latest details. All the books have 30 pages of
beautiful colour illustrations, and the stories are in
easy-to-listen-to verse.
BuZZy Code
Do the best that you can in whatever you do
Show kindness to others and animals too
Care about people who don’t have a friend.

Think about others before making a plan
Enjoy every day as much as you can
Remember that no one gets everything right
Be honest and truthful, kind and polite
Ask questions and learn something new every day.

Eat healthy food and sit at the table
Make somebody smile whenever you’re able
Respect older people and ask their advice
Help smaller children and try to be nice.

Offer to help with a smile and complete every task
Tidy your room before Mum has to ask
Remember important days and make birthdays special
Always try to be BUZZY
Tap an image below to download
Here are some BuZZy sketches you can download for free
So children can choose what the colours should be.
The BuZZy Friends are thinking that it really should be fun
To scan and send your pictures when the colouring is done.
Harty and his BuZZy Friends would really love to know
What colours you have chosen for your BuZZy picture show!